About the Park
History: Since the establishment of Tainan Science-based Industrial Park, technology development in the City of Tainan has expanded by leaps and bounds, thanks to the Park's clustering effect and booming industrial growth along the River South Region. In acknowledging the demands of industrial development in the Region, and in a move to stimulate and diversify land use purposes of areas surrounding YongKang Incineration Plant, the Tainan City Government began to process the application and designation of Yongkang Technology Industrial Park in 2004.

Yongkang Technology Industrial Park sits next to Yongkang Industrial Park. 80.8 hectares of the Park's 132.45 hectares are appropriated for manufacturing and industrial development purposes. To better manage environmental and river pollutions caused by surface treatments during electroplating, 8 hectares are selected exclusively for surface treatments. Also, nearly 40% of the premises are designated for public facilities, which contain a service center, parking services, roads and green space. Other than ensuring robust production services to accommodate businesses agglomerated in the complex, the Yongkang Technology Industrial Park also adopts an urban park design, installs a swimming pool, a tennis court and other sports facilities with funding from Yongkang Waste and Resource Recycling (Incinerator)Plant. One arch bridge is landscaped to connect Gong 2 and Gong 3 detention ponds for a large central water park. These innovative designs make the Industrial Park a quality, modernized, ecologically-centric production and business center. A memorial park that commemorates the Guo Huaiyi Rebellion against the Dutch Rule was set up to front the northern side of the complex. The 50-meter "Yongkewangtian Blvd" is a tree-covered arterial in the complex that salutes the spirit of this memorial park, and it is poised to make the complex a new leisure destination for the local residents.

The Industrial Park's development totaled to NT$10.8 billion in cost. The Tainan City Government was responsible for financing land acquisitions for the development of the Park. In terms of expenses for public facilities, the Tainan City Government opened a project development bid in November, 2007 as per "Statute for Upgrading Industry", and commissioned JAIE HAOUR GROUP to self-finance the Park's construction. The decision effectively eased pressures on the City Government's coffers. The development of the Park was expedited; the supply of industrial land use also advanced under City Government's supervision. The Park, therefore, became a promising manufacturing cluster expected to accelerate industrial growth and employment prospects in Greater Tainan, attract an influx of talent to return home, and support residential and commercial activity growth throughout the neighboring area.

To promote economic development in Greater Tainan, and make Tainan the paragon of successful industrial growth, the Tainan City Government is actively promoting the upgrades of industrial complexes and attracting investment. Other than courting foreign investments to agglomerate in Tainan, the City Government also commits to making the city a carbon-neutral community by solarizing Yongkang Technological Industrial Park into an industrial estate of "renewable solutions."

To improve service quality, efficiency, lighten the financial and personnel stress on the government, while encouraging private participation in industrial estate operation and management, the Tainan City Government adopted the OT (operation and transfer) business model, and launched a public debriefing on OT investment services for Yongkang Technology Industrial Park on August 14, 2012, enlisting private support for the setup of a park management service. On February 21, 2013, contracts were signed, and the deal established with Jin Hu Enterprise CO.,LTD - a chartered company founded by JAIE HAOUR GROUP and the City Government. The project was the second successful OT venture following "LCD-TV and Industrial Support Complex in Tainan Science Park (Tree Valley Park)," also spearheaded by the Tainan City Government.

The OT business model allows the park management to set up coffeehouses, cafeterias, financial service centers, and the leasing of office spaces to support new venture opportunities during the 20-year operation period, by virtue of service efficiency and effective marketing campaigns enabled by private investors. The model promises to further enhance the park's management quality, and offer a more robust service to businesses stationed in the park.

Thanks to this productive partnership between the Tainan City Government and private stakeholders, we are confident that the financial strains on the city coffers can be effectively eased, and the public land be sustainably and thoughtfully developed. This partnership also ensures better service quality, creates new business and management opportunities, and encourages community growth. Other than a safe, convenient, comfortable workspace, the park also sets a new benchmark for industrial park operation of the 21st century with its lifestyle amenities, environmentally-driven initiatives, globally-connected and commercially-promising management model.